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Video: How COVID-19 Affects Children and Safely Returning to School

I received a TON of feedback after I published my most recent article: COVID-19 Update: Returning to School.

The overwhelming majority of the emails and comments were extremely supportive. Most parents could see the effects of the extended lockdown on their children–especially regarding their behavior. They desperately want their kids to return to school in person, so they were encouraged to hear that I now support this.

As expected, there was also some critical feedback. I welcome these discussions because they’re crucial for making sure we learn how to safely live with COVID-19 for the foreseeable future.

Frank Bennett is the owner of two Kids R Kids Learning Academies in East Cobb County, GA. He reached out to me after someone shared my article with him and mentioned that he shared many of my concerns regarding the impacts of the lockdown on our children.

Frank and I sat down recently and recorded our discussion. In this interview, I go into more detail on the following:

  • The behavioral and developmental issues I’m seeing in my practice
  • Studies from countries that did not shut down schools showing how kids are not major vectors spreading COVID-19 to adults
  • How to return to school in a SAFE manner

Humans are social creatures, and my hope is that we can move forward as a society and learn to live with COVID as safely as possible.

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