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This is a collection of products, books, and resources that I’ve recommended over the years. There are thousands of new products that hit the market every year, and keeping up with everything can be overwhelming. Therefore, I only recommend products that I have experience with and that I fully believe in.

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Culturelle Probiotic Supplement

Babies have to build up their immune system, which can take years. Babies are exposed to a lot of germs–especially if they go to daycare or are around other kids. This is good for helping

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Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

One big developmental milestone is transitioning from bottles to sippy cups. I prefer these 360-degree sippy cups over the traditional ones with the “spout” on them. The spout lets babies continue their sucking reflex instead

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Owlet Smart Sock Baby Monitor

It’s common for newborns to have unsteady vital signs or spend time in the NICU. While most of the time they will be just fine, many parents lose sleep worrying about their baby sleeping in

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Stoplight Toddler Alarm Clock

If you’re having problems transitioning your toddler from the crib to a bed, I recommend trying this toddler alarm clock. Older toddlers have the capacity to relate red with “stop” and green with “go.” When

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