Pip’s Tips: 1 Month Old

Congratulations! You made it through the first month!

It’s not easy to feed on demand, keep the diapers changed, practice tummy time, and snuggle your baby while trying to get some rest yourselves. But I promise you it gets easier.

And it’s definitely going to get easier once your new little bundle of joy starts sleeping for longer stretches at night.

And that is our goal over the next few months: to have your baby sleeping 12 hours at night — from 7p to 7a by 4 months old — with no wake ups!

But, it’s still a process. These are the practices I tell all my parents once their babies turn 1 month old. They’re pretty similar to my “Newborn Tips,” except we start preparing and training the baby to sleep for longer stretches at night:

  • We still want to put the baby to bed with eyes open
  • We want the baby sleeping in his or her own room in their crib (Parents: that means you’re sleeping in your own room in your bed with your baby in a separate room!)
  • Baby’s bedtime is 6:30p-7:00p — we want baby to sleep from 7p to 1a, feed, and then 1a to 7a
  • Daytime naps are still no longer than 2 hours each
  • The last afternoon nap is shorter — try to keep baby awake for the last 2 hours before bedtime

Watch the video for a detailed explanation on these tips.

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