Is it normal that my 10-month old is not crawling?

“Is it normal that my 10-month old is not crawling?”

– Carey

Hi Carey!

Don’t worry–it is VERY common that your 10-month is not crawling!

Most children begin to crawl around 9 months of age, which is probably why you are asking the question. But keep in mind this is just an average. Some children start crawling as early as 7 months old, and some start closer to 12 months. In fact, it’s not uncommon that some children never crawl!

Some like to start pulling themselves up early and start trying to walk. They skip crawling altogether. Then, some kids are really good at scooting, army crawling, or just rolling around to get somewhere.

Just make sure to mention that your child is not crawling the next time you visit your pediatrician. This way they can do an assessment and make sure there are no potential neurological issues.

One last piece of assurance: In my 25 years of being a physician, I have never sent an infant to physical therapy for not learning how to crawl without any other symptoms or issues! 

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